Cloud Chaser: A new game for Android that deals with the drama of Immigration

Cloud Chaser

It is not necessary for me to comment on the dramas that are being experienced today with the issue of immigration, particularly with the recent case of syria, but which can be traced to other countries and other times. Unfortunately, civil wars or lack of opportunities have made immigration a recurring theme in recent history.

However, as we are a blog dedicated to android, the novelty today is that a new game called cloud chasers takes up the theme with a committed approach that does not neglect fun, gameplay, and visuals. Let’s enjoy: Kengan ashura season 3

What are in the Cloud Chaser?

Cloud Chaser

In cloud chasers, we will have the objective of guiding francisco and amelia, father and daughter, through the desert in search of the world above the clouds, the classic premise of the promised land where they can leave behind human sorrows and miseries. On this journey, we will find a series of obstacles and dangers that we will have to avoid in a randomly generated world, so the game experience will never be the same.

In cloud chasers, we will have to make decisions such as managing our resources, choosing our equipment or supplying our scarce water reserves by gliding through the new ones with a rudimentary airplane. As it says in the description of the game itself on google play: explore a randomly generated steam punk world that will not only tell the story of a wonderful desert planet and its inhabitants but will also show the subject of immigration from a completely new.

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Will show the subject of immigration from a whole new perspective

We will have to cross five dangerous deserts to reach the gates of the world above the clouds. On the way, we will find various non-linear stories where each one will reveal something more about the particular desert world that we travel and the reasons that lead this little family to embark on such an adventure. Read on Unlocking dark iron dwarves

Our enemies will be the inhospitable environment of the desert and hostile robots that will try to bring us down as we go through the various scenarios to complete our objective. The visuals are really great, and also the price of the title is 4 dollars, but the developer promises to allocate a part to the moas (migrant offshore aid station).

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