Some Considerations For Bathroom Lighting

There are many considerations for bathroom lighting and these include the task, the atmosphere, the mood of the user and the theme. For a bathroom to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, these are some of the issues that should be given attention to. The size of the bathroom has to be properly planned as the more space it has, the better. If you have a small room, then you can consider small vanity lights that can help in brightening the place. Besides, the lighting fixture selected should also be according to the size of the room and the size of the vanity or sink. For a new Ceiling Rose, visit Creative Cables

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Another important issue is the mood or the theme. The most common theme that is followed is that of white light. However, if you wish, you can consider other themes such as blue, pink, purple and other bright colours. The tasks that are performed in the bathroom will also determine the type of lighting you need. A well-lighted bathroom can provide sufficient brightness for shaving and applying make-up; but, it can also be dark and gloomy when the user is having a bath or shower.

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The most common and useful considerations for bathroom lighting are the location, the intensity and the direction of light. In addition, it should be easy to control and move the lighting around. This is because the light needs to be able to focus on the area that needs light while avoiding concentrated light on portions that do not require any light at all. The use of track lighting, wall sconces and recessed lighting are some of the effective solutions that can be considered for this purpose.


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