Making your Bathroom Disability Friendly

Making your bathroom easier to use and access is something that many people do earlier in life, so that when they may need it in the future, it is ready to use, and not something that they have to worry about. A popular time to do this is when you retire, as you may be looking to move house and can then get this done when you first move in, or you may be doing lots of other changes and home improvements now that you have the time, so will do that as well.

Hygiene is important and having a bathroom that you can use when you have limited mobility is something that will be a vital part of your life when you need it and could mean the difference between staying in your own home and having to move, which is another reason why many people are getting their bathroom ready for old age before they get there.

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There are many different choices and products that can help you in a disability friendly bathroom. Whether you have a bath, or a shower is one of the first things to consider, and there are pros and cons to both. With a shower, you can create a wet room, which is much easier to access.

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Baths offer the option of walk-in baths, as well as other bathing aids from places like Ability Superstore, so that you can equip your bathroom for everything that you need to make using the bathroom safe and comfortable.

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