Getting a Volunteering Role When you Retire

There are lots of changes that you can make to your life when you retire – you can plan a holiday without having to worry about work, and you can plan where you want to live and move to somewhere like these park homes Gloucester , as well as spending time learning new skills or taking up a hobby that you now have more time for.

Another thing that many retired people like to do is volunteer. As well as giving you that routine, it is also something that allows you to give some time back to those that need it. Volunteering is also a great way to learn new skills as well as making friends.

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Deciding what sort of voluntary work you are going to do is a personal choice. It might be that there is a cause that is close to your heart that you feel passionately about, or that has had a personal effect on your life. When this is the case you might have some experience to bring to the role with you too, and you can be a real support and help to others.

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Before you take the first volunteering role that comes your way, have a think about the change that you want to help bring about when you volunteer. What are you passionate about? Also think about the skills and experience that you have. Think about how those can be applied to certain roles and what is best suited for you – for example, if you are a people person then you will probably do well working with others, or if you have lots of practical skills, then see how you can put these to good use.

Don’t worry about having experience of everything that the role requires, you will be able to learn along the way, thinking about your skills just helps you to find something that you are well suited to. When you have decided on the type of thing that you would like to do and also how much time you are happy to commit, then you can reach out to charities and organisations in your area to ask them about the volunteering roles that you might be able to do.

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