How to Choose a Colour For Your Garage Door

Colour is an important factor when choosing a garage door. Some homes are set back from the street while others are set right on the roadside, so choosing the right shade is crucial. A light-coloured garage door will pull the home closer to the street, while a darker-coloured garage door will make it appear further away.

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To get the best look, try to match the garage door colour with the colour of your home, whether it’s the bricks or the window and door fittings. Using colours that are too bright might make it look out of place and will draw attention to the garage. For instance, bright yellow might be your favourite colour but it will wash out a beige house. For details on Garage Doors Cardiff, take a look at a site like

For a more neutral colour, go for white. White symbolizes purity, cleanliness and positivity. You can use different shades of white, such as cream or ivories. You can also use darker shades of neutral colours to create a more sophisticated look. Colours that are neutral will blend well with other shades.

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If you live in a modern house, a white garage door will make it seem bigger. However, if you want to draw attention to the other details, go for a monochromatic garage door. Alternatively, black provides the best contrast against a modern white home. Grey can also give you an attractive contrast without overdoing it or making too much of a statement.

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