How to dress if you are shorter than average.

It’s not an easy world for the short person. It’s even worse if you are a man as society seems to be focused on the tall (although that brings its own issues and problems). For many it is a real issue that they are smaller. I know of a family member that bought a book that claimed to be able to show ways in which he could be taller. The best thing he could have done was stand on the book. Even so there are ways for the shorter man to dress that can help. Having a look at Tommy Bowe Menswear at EJ Menswear is  a really good start.

First of all, change your trousers. Trousers are made with the UK average height of Five foot nine in mind so you’re going to see a lot of bunching and scrunching at the base. Easily fixed and adjusted by a tailor and even Dry cleaners can offer the service cheaply and quickly. Check the leg measurements but it will explain why you keep having this problem.

Unlike tall people you need to work on blocks of colour and to also raise the waistline of the trousers that you wear. Wearing them higher and tucking in the shirt or t-shirt will start to give the impression of willowness and not squatness. Do not wear baggy clothes. This does require a bit of effort on your part to stay thin and trim but if you go for a baggy look bear in mind that it will swamp you.

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