Preparing to Move Away to University

When you are going to be moving away to university, it is likely that you will have a whole range of emotions and thoughts going on. Moving away to university is such an exciting time, but it can also feel a little stressful as well as a bit daunting, as for most people this is the first step into independent living.

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The key is to be well prepared so that you can head off with as much confidence as possible. Here are some things to sort out before you go, which will make settling in much easier…

Finances – Work out what you will have available as spending money and get your student loan sorted out with plenty of time before you go. This way you can plan and budget for the year ahead.

Accommodation – Have a look at your accommodation options – there are lots of choices available such as this Cheltenham student accommodation. Do a bit of research and work out what is best for you.

Find out more about the local area – Do some research on the area itself – find out what the nightlife is like, what there is to do and the distance to walk to places from where you are, as well as public transport.

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Practice Cooking – As this is going to be the first time being away from home, learning to cook a few easy, healthy meals is a really good thing to do if you want to stay well and healthy, as well as staying within budget – there are lots of great student recipe guides out there.

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