How to hang your sweaters without stretching them

Hanging sweaters without stretching them is important to maintain their shape and keep them looking as good as new. Here are some tips on how to hang your sweaters properly.

Use good-quality padded clothes hangers

Invest in some good-quality padded hangers, which are designed to be gentle on delicate fabrics like sweaters. The padding helps distribute the weight of the sweater evenly and reduces the risk of it stretching at the shoulder seams and becoming out of shape and unsightly.

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Place garments over the bar on the clothes hanger

You can place your sweaters over the hanger’s horizontal bar. Simply fold the sweater in half lengthwise, place it over the bar and let the sleeves hang on either side. This method is especially suitable for bulkier sweaters.

Button or zip up the sweaters before hanging

If your sweater has buttons or a zip, fasten them up before hanging. This helps the sweater to keep its shape and prevents it from stretching. This is a good method if you have a wardrobe with new or good-quality sweaters such as Aran or Shetland knitwear.

If you are shopping for new pieces, such as a new fisher man sweater, a delightful range of tops is available from retailers online. You can browse a specialist like Shop Aran for quality knitwear to complement your wardrobe.

Turn them inside out before hanging

If you’re worried about hanger marks or stretching on your sweater’s shoulder area, consider turning them inside out before hanging them. Any potential marks or stretching will occur on the inside, which is less visible, leaving your garment looking as good as new. Country Living has some tips on how to unshrink a sweater if you have accidentally placed it in the dryer on a long cycle.

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Neatly fold and place them in a drawer or wardrobe

For sweaters that are particularly delicate or prone to stretching, you may want to consider folding and stacking them in your chest of drawers or on shelves in your wardrobe. This method can help maintain their shape and it can be better than hanging.

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