5 Common Mistakes That College Freshman Make

Common Mistakes That College Freshman Make

You’re a freshman! This is your first year in college! Sorry to burst your bubble, but mistakes are bound to abound. But the good thing is that just because mistakes are inevitable does not mean that they will always have the maximum impact. To help you navigate the field as expertly as possible, here is a list of five common mistakes that college freshman make.

1. Picking Your Major Based on Projected Income

Simply put, selecting your college major based on your projected income is a bad idea and far from what college is about. Sometimes these decisions are out of your immediate control, possible due to overbearing parents or some other factor. Regardless of the reason, (even if that reason is that USC offers a degree in communications) it is important to remember that these decisions do not have to be made in your freshman year. Take some time to play around and explore different things before settling on a major, your mind will thank you.

2. Take Care Not to Oversleep

Oversleeping is one of the most all-too-common freshman year mistakes. Whether it is caused by an early morning class or an inadequate sleep schedule, it is a routine that you will want to get ahold on if success is important to you. Missing out on a good night’s rest is not something energy drinks, sugar, or caffeine can fix. You are going to need every hour of sleep in order to perform to your maximum potential.

3. Poor Time Management

Poor time management is a learned behavior that carries over from high school and can be extremely detrimental in the long run. As a freshman, you need to get into the habit of ensuring that your time is tactfully allotted so that you can complete the tasks in accordance with their due dates. Remember that you may be juggling an outside job, class time, and coursework. If this sounds like you, don’t stress too badly, you’ve already taken a productive first step towards fixing the problem. Next step, build a schedule that suits you and stick with it!

4. If You Consistently Miss Class, You’re Doing it Wrong

Attending class consistently is crucial for your academic success, and towards learning how to cultivate success in life more broadly. Missing class is never just missing out on a single class; you are also sacrificing the opportunity to meaningfully engage with your academic community, network, and participate in a college setting.

5. Realize What Resources are Available to You… And Use Them

Many freshmen are painfully unaware of the multitude of resources their respective learning institution makes available to them. Whether you’re getting your degree online or attending Chicago State University, talk to a counselor about the resources available to you today!

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