7 Innovative and Small Profitable Business Ideas

small profitable business ideas

What is innovation? Innovating is using knowledge to devise and create new products or services for a market. It is also improving those that already exist in order to make it a profitable business.

Today, one of the main objectives of managers is to rethink their business model. Questioning is the first step, how does the company add value to customers? Why do they pay for products or services?

The constant evolution of society has contributed to more companies starting to generate new innovative projects. The good thing about innovation is that the more needs there are, the more opportunities there are for everyone.

Innovative and small profitable business ideas

small profitable business ideas

1. Medical applications

Medical applications seek to resolve people’s doubts and concerns more efficiently. The idea is to have a large database of specialists with whom you can chat in real-time.

Of course, this will never replace a real consultation, but from this evaluation method, an appointment can be established in an office depending on the case.

2. Bicycle business and bicycle rental application

Opening a bicycle shop is an option with a promising future. Every time people are more sustainable awareness of using the bike to go to work or move around the city. So take advantage of this opportunity.

Another idea is to create an application where people put their bikes for rent. This guarantees the variety of models, brands and prices that adapt to everyone’s pocket and needs.

Each bike has an integrated GPS system and is rented by the hour.

This application is intended for those who are passing through a certain city and need a bicycle to transport themselves.

3. Dessert sales application

There are days when we crave a dessert and the truth is that we are too busy to go out and buy it or the shops are far away. In view of this need, this great idea has been developed.

The application brings together small and large pastry chefs from a certain city where all kinds of desserts and prices are published. All you need to do is choose the one of your preference, pay with a bank transfer or a credit card and voila! In a short time, they will take it to your house.

4. Jewelry to get off the street

This is a purely social business. It consists of teaching poor women the art of goldsmithing and giving them the opportunity to sell them in a store under a brand name.

A small percentage goes to the store and the rest is left to them. This enables them to live fairly and honestly.

5. Dog restaurant

For those who have dogs, it can be a nightmare to enter some establishments to eat something. Either you leave your pet outside or you starve.

This need has forced restaurant management to present a more innovative business model, as they sometimes stop selling because the user is in the company of a dog.

Currently, establishments offering dog food service have been modified and created, and even establishments only for dogs.

6. Disco for the elderly

Being older does not mean being a boring person. The truth is that you rarely think about entertaining these people.

What wouldn’t older adults give to remember old times through music? Most always complain about not having a place to go to have fun and in a way they feel displaced.

There are few discotheques of this type, but they exist. They usually have settings and music from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Employees wear special clothing from the time and special attention is paid to every detail.

7. Clothes for pregnant women

Yes, pregnant clothing exists. But very few businesses dedicate their services to this target. In general, the clothes they design are not very aesthetic and instead of making pregnant women feel better, their mood worsens.

These women seek to look good despite the pregnancy, this helps them to improve self-esteem and to better carry out all that process. For this reason, many designers are beginning to create fashion garments dedicated to this target. It is definitely a profitable business, which also brings much happiness to pregnant women.

These are the small profitable business ideas that can innovate you and the buyers.

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