How to Make a Flower Tiara and Wear It?

flower tiara

If you have a girl who loves fairy crafts, you are going to love making this paper bag tiara sweet and simple. Girls will love wearing their tiaras to dress up and play, but I think they could be used as a low-cost accessory for a fairy/princess Halloween costume.

Steps to make a flower tiara

Making these tiaras was especially fun for the girls because they got to use my low-heat glue gun. They love glue guns, (more on that later) and are a must for this project because the white glue would not be strong enough to actually hold the flowers in the paper bag.

You will need:

  • Paper bag
  • Artificial flowers
  • Slow fire glue gun
  • Raffia bag

flower tiara


To begin, cut a strip from the bottom of the paper bag and roll it together, rolling it out, continue to gently roll the paper bag, being careful not to tear it as you work. When you get to the end of the bag, you can use your glue gun to tack down the loose edges.

Low-temperature glue guns are ideal when you are making preschool children, so it is an ideal project for the smallest of the house to collaborate. Furthermore, the same “stick factor” with white glue is not obtained. Heavier craft materials like these artificial flowers require hot glue to hold them. You can give your child the task of sticking his flowers all the way around the tiara, helping him to distribute them in the best possible way or just give him the freedom and then fill in the gaps together. They will love this activity and will feel fulfilled doing it. Be encouraged and enjoy with your children.

How to wear flower tiara?

You can use the tiaras with flowers with any type of clothing, just know how to adapt and match your style, skin tone and even match the season. It’s always cooler to start with something more discreet, so you can get used to this trend yourself.

So if you are going to use it for the first time, opt for a thinner, smaller or with fewer flowers and even with more discreet colors, such as pastels. You can check out inspiration in the photo above. But, if you are like “I really dare and I don’t care what they are going to talk about what I am wearing!” You can invest in those that are bigger or more colorful, they also give an incredible charm to the look.

A nice tip is to mix textures and trends. For example: for a more rocker footprint, mix some spikes with your flowers. For a more romantic feel, choose those with more cords and threads.

The cool thing is also to complement the use of the tiara with a hairstyle. Wearing braids or making your hair look more untidy, give it an extra charm. But, if you are not in the footsteps of doing a hairstyle, loose hair goes very well with this accessory. After all, what could combine more with this trend so naturally?

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