How to Make a Narrow Closet

How to Make a Narrow Closet

A bedroom, however small, needs a closet to keep things organized. In this article, we show you how to make a narrow closet of 35 cm deep.

The order makes any small space more functional and comfortable, and for this, we need a closet. But it is not always easy to adapt it if the space we have is very small.

How to make a narrow closet?

Today we have created a closet for a small bedroom. With only 35 centimeters deep, it perfectly fulfills its main task: that everything is in its place.

Step by step to make a narrow closet for a small room

You will need:


  • Driver drill
  • Sander
  • Jaws


  • Wood Ribbons
  • Okume boards
  • Adhesive
  • Lane system
  • Rail system profiles
  • Wallpaper
  • Transparent varnish
  • Wallpaper or glue wallpaper

How to Make a Narrow Closet

The first thing we should do is start with the closet structure. To do this, we must create the sides and the stringer of the cabinet by bonding two boards of okume with a strip of the same material.

Let’s hide the nails we have used to fix the boards with a little putty. We let it dry and then sand.

Next, we will sand the entire surface until it is smooth.

The next step will be to paint the pieces white.

As we have to fix the structure to the wall, we are going to make some guide holes in the three slats that we are going to fix in the wall. Thanks to them, we can place the structure.

We are going to mark the points on the wall to know where we should make the holes with reference to the slats. Next, we make the holes in the wall.

The next step will be to fix the slats on the wall. For this, we will use the screws.

When we have the three slats, we apply a mounting adhesive on the side slats and fit the sidewalls of the cabinet. It is necessary to repeat the passage for the crossbar and to finish assembling the ceiling with the other pieces already fixed.

Next, we will apply adhesive to the U-shaped profiles.

Then we will fix the profiles in the closet structure itself. Some will go on the top and others will go on the floor, at the bottom of the closet.

Next we go to with the plywood doors of okume. We are going to wallpaper these; We first glue and then set the wallpaper.

The paper that we will cut it with a sharp blade.

Next, we will fix some profiles on the side sides of each door with glue.

And finally, we will place the wheels with fittings and put the doors in place.

In this simple way, we have managed to make a narrow closet for a small bedroom. With the accessories and accessories offered by the market, we can get the most out of space.

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