Google Stadia: All Games will Reach the Google Streaming Service

Google Stadia

Google has taken advantage of Gamescom to announce some titles that will reach Google Stadia, showing only one exclusive. A few months ago, we finally got to know what the Google Stadia video game service would be like. The company has taken advantage of the beginning of Gamescom to focus on one detail that has not yet been shown to the public.

What matters most in a video game service? The power? The command? The ability to share on YouTube? The cost of the service in Premium? All these details are relevant and have already been shown by Google, but they are not by far the most important.

Google Stadia and the games

In case you feel a little lost, we offer you a quick summary. Google Stadia is a streaming video game service. This means that instead of buying a console that processes the video game, this is done on Google’s servers, allowing us to play on a PC computer, or television through Chromecast.

It is a free service in which we only have to pay for the games ( which will be our “forever” ), although this entails a limitation in quality, being limited to FullHD. Stadia offers a premium service that for 10 euros per month we can play in 4K resolution the games we buy or those we receive for free while we are subscribed.

All this is important, but what about the games? Well, today we have more details about some titles that will arrive in Stadia, either at the initial launch of November or during the coming months.

Google Stadia games

Games for Google stadia

Cyberpunk 2077 promises to be one of the best games of the year. CD Projekt Red has already shown us what it is capable of doing with the trilogy of The Witcher, so its most ambitious project leaves us with great expectations.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is the latest expansion of Destiny 2, a game that is included in the Stadia Pro founders pack.

Kine is a 3D puzzle game with beautiful graphics and a great pint.

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Darksiders Genesis is a change of course in a saga that goes from frantic combat to be an RPG in the purest devil style.

Orcs Must Die 3! It is the only exclusive that has been announced today for Google Stadia. If you do not know, get the first and second installment, because they are super entertaining games.

Mortal Kombat 11 is perhaps one of Stadia’s most important releases. Fighting games require the best accuracy, and this title will be decisive when it comes to seeing if Stadia really lives up.

SuperHot is an action game that has become tremendously popular for its style and mechanics. Although here, my recommendation is to play the Virtual Reality version if you have the opportunity.

Farming Simulator 19 Platinum Edition. Maybe not cultivate the field, but in a video game, it seems to like people.

In multiple demos, we have been able to see Id Software’s relationship with Google. It was expected that Immortal Doom would end up arriving.

Another of the candidates for the best game of the year Borderlands 3 is one of the most promising cooperative games.

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