How to Start Catering Business from Home

how to start catering business

It doesn’t matter from what perspective you see it. If you want to start a catering or food service business, have a professional kitchen. Some business and software knowledge and the ability to plan, prepare, and serve meals to large groups of people. Working on new technologies gives you certain advantages. One of them is that you can start your website and then advertise, take orders, and serve your customers online. Internet will help you close more sales and provide a better service to your customers. Let’s discover the steps to start catering business.

How to start catering business?

Start your website to advertise and stay given to customers. Here you can promote all your dishes, take orders, schedule appointments, and answer all your customers’ questions. You also have the option of adding an account to accept deposits and payments online. Many services¬†– even on the web, make building your page a really easy task.

Create your menu

If you want to start a catering business, you need to create an extensive and coherent menu. Obviously, you will have to include dishes whose preparation you and your employees feel comfortable with. However, and for best results, you may have to inform yourself about what other catering businesses are doing in your area, so yours can offer unique and original dishes. Consider making a themed menu based on a concept that is not found in other catering businesses in your area.

Submit a fictitious name statement so you can open a bank account in the name of your business. In most states, there is the option to submit the required documentation and then pay the fee at the local registry. While there, ask about the other requirements for opening a business. You may have to get a commercial license, a resale license, and maybe even register the business with a state institution.

Print advertising cards and brochures for your business

You will need them to describe the events you attend and the foods served. Give them to all your acquaintances and try to meet with each one of them one day or offer everyone a demonstration of your services.

Advertise by taking samples of your food wherever you go to promote your services or where you think there is an opportunity to do so. Take test snacks to your child’s soccer game and the meetings of the Teacher and Parent Organization (PTA). Take party banquets and other events and let people know that you have a catering business. The recommendation of third parties and the publicity that goes from word of mouth is the best technique that you can adopt to make yourself known; So spread the word as much as possible.

Choose the right transport

Many catering businesses have a delivery system or even cook food at the destination. You should consider this: how are you going to transport the food? Even if you have a large vehicle, you may need to rent or buy a large van to take all the food to your destination. You will probably also need to transport your kitchen equipment, tables, and food containers. Your transportation choice will vary according to your objectives, so you will have to carefully consider all your options.

Promote your online business

Include your site in as many virtual web directories as you can find. Also, do it through social networks like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Once people know that your food is delicious, they will surely remind you the next time. They need a catering service for weddings, graduation parties or any other event.

Do catering businesses also serve food?

Yes. Your catering company must coordinate not only the preparation of the food but also the delivery and presentation of it. That means you must create a team of writers for your company. You need not hire full-time employees for this task. Have a list of freelancers or even students to those you know you can turn to when you are organizing your next event. You may need to increase the size of your equipment during the high season (which for most catering businesses runs from April to July). Be sure to read how to hire employees during the high season.

How much money can you earn with a catering business?

It will depend on your business and your location. If you are starting your catering business, you can expect to earn around $ 30,000, while high-end catering companies and established businesses can often earn up to $ 80,000.

What is needed to open a catering business besides the requirements mentioned above?

Consider all the additional responsibilities involved in a catering business, as they go beyond the preparation and delivery of food. Decoration, furniture, tents for outdoor events, utensils, etc. They must be taken into account. A full catering business will also take care of music, lighting, and cleaning.

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