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Paulina Rubio

The world knows her as the golden girl. Fame always accompanied her because she is the daughter of one of the most important Mexican actresses of recent times. Her beginnings in the entertainment industry were within the Timbireche children’s band. Paulina Rubio net worth is 35 million USD.  Stay with us to enjoy the biography of Paulina Rubio!

Birth details of Paulina Rubio

Paulina Susana Rubio Dosamantes was born on July 17, 1971, in Mexico City. She is the daughter of the renowned Mexican actress, Susana Dosamantes, and Enrique Rubio González, a lawyer by profession. From an early age, Paulina Rubio began attending singing and acting classes at the Televisa arts school, promoted by her mother. Rubio began his career in children’s group Timbiriche, which had great success in the decades of the 80s and 90s. The then children’s star recorded several albums with Timbiriche, among which are: La Banda Timbiriche en Concierto, Timbiriche Disco Ruido and Timbiriche Vaselina. Read: mc hammer net worth

With Time, the fame of Paulina Rubio and Timbiriche was increasing. A whole generation sang singles like I am a disaster, With all but me, Kisses of ashes, Love me with my teeth and Puzzles.

The singer decided to say goodbye to the group after being 10 years inside her. It is said that she had strong fights with some of her teammates, such as Thalia, Eduardo Capetillo, and Edith Márquez.

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Paulina Rubio solo career

Paulina Rubio began her solo career in 1992, the year in which she released her single debut titled Mío. A short time later she published The Golden Girl, her first studio album.

This work contains singles such as Opening the doors to love, Honey Flavor, and Woman’s Love.

The golden girl was a great commercial success. During the first days of its launch, it occupied the first places of the leading musical lists of the United States and Mexico.

Paulina Rubio’s first record material got a triple gold certificate and a platinum certificate in Mexico for his large sales.

Paulina Rubio did not take a break after the resounding success of The Golden Girl, but quite the opposite. A year later, she published his second record material titled 24 carats, which contains songs as He cheated on me, Subject of two and Nieva, Nieva.

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paulina rubio net worth 2019

Paulina Rubio’s career

Paulina Rubio combined her musical career with the world of acting. In 1994, she participated in the movie Kiss Me in the Mouth, where she made the character of Claudia Romero. Let’s know the Sylvester stallone height

In 1995, she released Time is money, his third studio album. This includes topics like Today. I stopped loving you. I would give you my life and Nothing about You. That same year she starred in the soap opera Poor rich girl, in which he embodied Alma Villagrán Cañedo, a very capricious and spoiled young woman.

A year later, the singer published Planeta Paulina, her fourth record material. The work included songs like One Story, Love, Wake Up and Tell Me.

The artist took a four-year break to show her next musical work, which she titled Paulina. This work is considered the most successful of his career.

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Paulina Rubio won three Latin Grammy nominations for her fifth studio album. She was also worthy of nominations for essential awards such as the Lo Nuestro Awards, the Billboard Latin Music Award, and Ondas Awards.

The simple ones I am not that woman, I will do it for you. And I am still here and Live the summer occupied the first place of all the musical lists of 10 countries of the world.

In mid-2002, she released his first English-language album: Border Girl, which had considerable success.

The seventh album of the Mexican artist would arrive in 2004. It was called Pau-Latina and was composed of 15 songs, of which the following stand out: Give me another tequila. I loved you so much and Alma in freedom.

Paulina Rubio received a Grammy nomination for Pau-Latina. She was the only woman to compete in the Best Latin Pop Album category.

In 2006, he released Ananda, one of the most successful albums of his career to the music market. The material has recognized themes such as Not a single word, I do not change you, and I will stay.

His ninth studio album called Gran City Pop was published in 2009. The year in which she was able to position himself in the first place of all the musical billboards of countries.

Gran City Pop is made up of renowned themes such as Neither roses nor toys, Cause and Effect, Baila Casanova and Algo de Ti.

Sometime later, Paulina Rubio launched the Brava market! The disc had a gold certificate in the United States for its good sales. Her net worth in 2019 is over 35 million US dollar. Like also: lil peep net worth

Behind the public eye

Paulina Rubio married the Spanish businessman, Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera, in a ceremony in which only his closest circle attended.

Both decided to separate after five years of marriage. The divorce process was the cover of the leading tabloids in Mexico.

The artist had a son with the Spanish tycoon, who was baptized as Andrea Nicolás Vallejo Rubio.

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