These are 8 Anime like My Hero Academia

Anime like My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is one of the great manga and anime of today. And the story starring Izuku Midoriya seems to be only in its early stages. After all, this young hero is supposed to be on his way to becoming the greatest defender of justice of all time. So, to accompany what aims to be a long journey. Today we bring you a selection of anime similar to “My Hero Academia”.

In such a way, as in our other articles of a similar nature, we have made a selection of anime based on aesthetics, theme, plot evolution, and the like – not always having to match all aspects to include a work in the anime list. Similar to “My Hero Academia” -:

One punch man

If what really stands out in “My Hero Academia” is the representation of a world marked by heroes, ” One Punch Man ” should be a very direct alternative. It should be noted, yes, that Saitama is far from being that suffering and epic figure that, for example, is intended to capture on Midoriya. Instead, we find here a generally parodic concept of the hero. Both in terms of behavior and in dealing with villains, who are usually defeated in one fell swoop. Ultimately, “One Punch Man” is one of the anime similar to “My Hero Academia” in which comedy becomes more prevalent.

Black cloverAnime like My Hero Academia

In “Black Clover” we find a common figure in shounen, like Midoriya. In this sense, what makes. “Black Clover” one of the anime similar to “My Hero Academia” is that while Midoriya wants to become the greatest hero of all time. Asta intends to do the same but obtaining the title of King. of the Magi. Also, just as Deku at first does not have any Gift to fulfill his dream. Asta faces the challenge in a world where magic is everything while he does not have a single iota of magical power. Both protagonists, then, embark on a long journey marked by villains, allies, and above all overcoming.

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Assassination ClassroomAnime like My Hero Academia

” Assassination Classroom ” sneaks into the list of best anime similar to “My Hero Academia” based primarily on its student concept. Unlike the story of Midoriya, this time we do not have any display of powers. What we do find is an entity that refers to the name Koro-sensei and whose role will be as follows: to act as a teacher for a group of students who must succeed in assassinating him before a certain time. Otherwise, this strange being has the ability to unleash an almost unprecedented level of destruction. Throughout its dozens of episodes, “Assassination Classroom” will leave us with many moments of student ties, enhancing that scenario that we also see regularly in “My Hero Academia.”

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!Anime like My Hero Academia

” Katekyo Hitman Reborn! ” Leaves us with another story of typical development in shounen. Although what makes it find in this selection of anime similar to “My Hero Academia” is the figure of its protagonist: Tsunayoshi Sawada. This weak-natured and good-natured teenager is suddenly forced to become the boss of a mob. As a result, he will manage to become an individual of great power thanks to the assistance of Reborn, who will allow him to acquire the necessary characteristics to face the challenge that awaits him. In this sense, we observe how Sawada will travel a path from nothing to everything in the same way as Deku. Both fulfilling a destiny that, at least, in this case, is not desired at all.


Masashi Kishimoto’s “Naruto” is a classic within the anime world, so there shouldn’t be too much doubt as to why it is on the list of anime similar to “My Hero Academia.” Like “Black Clover” and “My Hero Academia”, the protagonist of “Naruto” – who is Naruto Uzumaki himself – has a clear dream from his youth: to become the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. To do this, this disowned ninja society will have to overcome a thousand and one difficulties, brought mostly by his enemies, in order to fulfill his dream. Also, Naruto will end up developing very characteristic techniques after times of training and hard work, in an essence very similar to how Asta and Deku also develop their skills.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

” Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” Is a worldwide success that, despite this, is not made for all palates – mainly because of its aesthetics and the additional drama in the way its characters act -. Furthermore, the plot unfolds very differently from the one starring Deku, with the protagonists changing each new season. However, there is a key point that makes “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” part of the list of anime similar to “My Hero Academia”: the Stands. In the same way that each hero of “My Hero Academia” has a Gift that offers him unique qualities to exercise, in “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” we find that his characters use the Stands – from a certain season -, entities that inhabit inside and which they can invoke to fight.

Mob Psycho 100Anime like My Hero Academia

Once again, what makes “Mob Psycho 100” viable as one of the best anime similar to “My Hero Academia” is the similarity that we find in terms of character between the protagonists. Izuku Midoriya, despite being the bearer of ‘One For All’, a generational Gift of enormous power. And even having great instincts as a hero, shows on more than one occasion that he has a weak spirit. Easy to break at certain times. All these insecurities are also reflected in Shigeo, the protagonist of “Mob Psycho 100”. This, for his part, has enormous potential as a psychic, with both characters having enormous latent power. But sometimes excessively feeling the pressure of the situation. In addition, both have ‘mentors’ who, each in their own way,

Soul Eater

In “Soul Eater” the concept of shinigami that other anime such as “Bleach” use is rescued to provide the academic touch. Making this context makes it one of the anime similar to “My Hero Academia”. Both animes take place mainly as a result of a specialized center, being in the case of “Soul Eater” what is known as the ‘Death Weapon Meister Academy’. Unlike “My Hero Academia”, however, here we will mainly find two types of students: those who can transform into special weapons. And those who have abilities to control said weapons. Ultimately, both animes introduce us to young students who, together, will work to improve, become stronger and face powerful enemies.

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