A guide to installing automated gates

There are many different methods for protecting residential and commercial properties and one of these is the use of automatic gates. These gates are able to restrict who enters a property, allowing only family, friends or trusted professionals to come onto the property. However, such methods will only be effective in their function if they are installed properly, maintained well and used correctly. Electric gates are a considerable investment but if not maintained, they can become insecure and even dangerous.

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There are several different types of automatic gate to choose from and each type functions a bit differently.

An automated sliding gate – These are the perfect choice for spaces where there is restricted depth and a swing gate wouldn’t fit. They are also great for areas with a larger than normal opening and wide spaces. A track sliding gate is one option but must be kept clear of surface debris and is not suitable for driveways that have a different gradient across the opening. For driveways with a gradient difference in the opening, a cantilever sliding gate is a suitable option. This type of sliding gate is balanced on carriage wheels and moves quickly across the opening.

An automated swing gate – These gates can also be worked manually and can be fitted to open outwards or inwards depending on preference and come in single or double gated versions. A single swing gate opens just like a door and is ideal for driveways that are flat. For smaller spaces, a single swing gate is an economical choice as it only requires one motor to operate. A double gate is ideal for wider and bigger spaces and can look a lot more decorative when they meet in the middle when closed. Find out more about Electric Gates Cheltenham at a site like completegateautomation.co.uk/

All is not lost if your driveway is on a slope as you can still consider installing tapered gates. This will require a professional installation to get the angles right and can be available in either manual or automated operating.

For commercial properties, barrier gates are another type that are popular as they are aimed at traffic control so will be most likely found in car parks, for example.

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For the safety and optimum function of gates, it’s important that installation and repairs are carried out by professional gate installation companies who use manufacturer approved parts and components.

For keeping your gate in the best condition, consider these tips:

  • Check the mechanisms regularly.
  • If closing the gates becomes an issue, consider it might be a mechanical failure or a chain issue.
  • If repetitive beeping can be heard, it is likely an electrical or low power issue.
  • Any squeaking type noises will need further investigation.
  • Keep a regular eye on hinges as wear and tear over time can lead to them becoming unstable and affect the function of the mechanism.
  • Keep the key fob, intercom pad and internal opening button in good condition.

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