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Italian Burrata Pizza Recipe

Usually, pizza is associated with a round dough coated with tomato sauce, cheese, and some other ingredient. Most times, it is so, but Italian pizza encompasses many more possibilities. Thus, we find white pizzas, without tomato sauce, pizzas without cheese, or pizzas that are not just one thing or the other such as burrata pizza and dried tomato. It has cheese, but not as we would imagine in any pizza, on top of the pizza forming filaments every time we put a piece in our mouths.

How Social Media Makes Us Unsocial? Discover Now

We are in a world that is moving quickly. A few years ago, mobile phones have become what they are today: authentic personal computers, where we do absolutely everything except talk. Games, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Mail, and endless applications that keep us connected to the world 24 hours a day. But are we aware of the hours we dedicate to the smartphone?

How to increase flexibility in the Full Body

Improving the flexibility of our bodies will make us feel more agile to perform daily activities. Besides, better prepared for sports training. In addition to being healthy, increasing flexibility will significantly reduce injuries. The muscles will be less tense and have greater responsiveness. Here, we offer you a series of guidelines on how to increase flexibility.

The Best Cars for Young People (2019 Update)

In this guide of best cars for young people, we will focus on cars that can be accessible, urban in spirit. It can fulfill the functions of a young driver. Small city trips and sporadic trips for the minimum possible cost. A strictly editorial preference criterion orders each of the groups in this guide.

Simple Guide to Take Care of Cyclamen or Persian Violet

The Cyclamen is a genus of flowering plants that originated in the forests of the Mediterranean area. They are very popular in gardening as a winter cycle plant, since many of its species bloom precisely during the colder months. It is not a demanding plant for attention, but with proper care, it can flourish for up to 4 months.

How to Clone Apps on Android (With and Without Apps)

There are many apps in the market that allow us to clone apps. In this way we can have two or more sessions – as many as we want – open simultaneously on our Android mobile phone. In this way, we can have two WhatsApp open. Or two Facebook, if we wanted to. Let’s explore how to clone apps on android.

How to Start Catering Business from Home

It doesn’t matter from what perspective you see it. If you want to start a catering or food service business, have a professional kitchen. Some business and software knowledge and the ability to plan, prepare, and serve meals to large groups of people. Working on new technologies gives you certain advantages. One of them is that you can start your website and then advertise, take orders, and serve your customers online. Internet will help you close more sales and provide a better service to your customers. Let’s discover the steps to start catering business.

Paulina Rubio Net Worth, Biography and Lifestyle

The world knows her as the golden girl. Fame always accompanied her because she is the daughter of one of the most important Mexican actresses of recent times. Her beginnings in the entertainment industry were within the Timbireche children’s band. Paulina Rubio net worth is 35 million USD.  Stay with us to enjoy the biography of Paulina Rubio!