5 Lipstick Mistakes to Avoid Immediately

One of the operations that takes the most time out of a woman’s day is makeup. Before leaving home any girl or woman, regardless of age, spends long minutes in front of the mirror to mask defects, and make herself more attractive and seductive to male eyes. Important in the make-up phase is the choice and application of lipstick, essential for highlighting a beautiful smile, a real weapon of seduction. In this list, I will go to list 5 lipstick mistakes to avoid.

What are the 5 lipstick mistakes to avoid?

Avoid these mistakes when you are applying lipsticks:

Choosing the wrong color

If you want to highlight your mouth with the use of lipstick, the first rule is to identify the color of the lipstick that best suits us. Otherwise, you might as well not use it. To choose the right lipstick to use, you have to start from the analysis of the color of one’s complexion, then continuing with the analysis of the color of one’s hair and finally of the shape of the mouth. To see which lipstick suits you best, I refer you to this page.

Using the wrong handle

The application of lipstick is an action that requires tranquility and precision, and to be precise it is fundamental to use the right handle of the instrument. This must be held not with sufficient attitude with two fingers, but with all 5 to ensure the firmness of the hand and avoid errors and burrs.

lipstick mistakes to avoid

Failure to use the pencil

The first thing to do when applying lipstick is to draw the outline of the lips with a pencil. This reduces the risk of smudging when applying the lipstick and promotes a long duration of the same.

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Lack of lip care

The use of lipstick helps to enhance and improve the smile but it is not enough to hide lip defects such as chapping or films, indeed it highlights them. For this reason, before using lipstick it is necessary to work in the operation of exploitation of the lips. A simple remedy is the application of a compress consisting of butter and sugar followed by a massage of the lips and their rinsing. After a few packs, the smile will be perfect.

Asymmetrical design

The first thing that goes back to the eyes and is annoying is an asymmetrical lip design. For this reason, the correct use of the pencil is even more important, which allows you to correct any natural defects in the symmetry of the mouth. After a few attempts and a few workouts, it will be easy to remember the corrections to be made to the lip design and this operation will be easier and faster.

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