Famous TV kitchens

If you are looking for a dramatic scene to be set then the kitchen is certainly one of the places that you would choose. Films and soap operas all  choose to have the kitchen as the place where the drama will unfold and there may well be a final reckoning over a certain event that has happened or is even Yet to Come.  best to make sure that the kitchen looks really good if you’re going to do one in there. A Kitchen Refurbishment, such as those from suppliers like www.thekitchenrefurbishmentcompany.co.uk. means you can.  Here are some favourites.

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  • The Gilmore house, Stars Hollow. Seeing as how young Rory would leave her bedroom directly into the kitchen it was no surprise to find her mother sat there ready to impart some Wisdom or example of Pop Culture. A great show.
  • The Queen Vic.  Many families have made their home above the Queen Victoria pub in Walford,  the fictional borough of East London where the BBC soap opera is set.  starting with the Watts,  this large upstairs kitchen just off the corridor is a perfect setting for conversations between some of the biggest characters in the show.

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  • Ma Sugdens Kitchen. When it began in 1972 Emmerdale was primarily about the ups and downs of farming.  It’s moved on a lot from there but the original setting where much of the drama happened was when Annie Sugden would welcome in her family,  all boys,  so she could arbitrate their bickering and generally listen to her father-in-law Sam chip in.

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