How to Restore Bathroom Shelves? Step by Step Guideline

How to restore bathroom shelves

This past weekend I decided to do some things that I had been putting off for months … and I mean many months. Transform the shelves of my bathroom giving it a very original and special touch. Do you want to discover how everything happened? We start with the new reform! I hope you enjoy this post and discover a new way to restore those old-fashioned shelves that decorate your bathroom.

I had been wanting to do this in my bathroom for several months, but I never had the time to get down to business. I decided to do this reform, after searching many places for nice bathroom shelves. They all seemed the same to me.

How to restore bathroom shelves?

It was necessary to get started with the reform, so last weekend, with the help of my husband, I got on with it. I have already been able to cross another project from the list.

How to restore bathroom shelves


  • White paint for bathroom wall
  • Wooden boards (two large rectangles and six small squares)
  • Four hooks to hold the two rectangular wooden boards
  • White paint (for wood)
  • Sandpaper
  • Glue
  • Leveler
  • Ruler or meter
  • More decorative elements.


  1. Buy the necessary material.
  2. Paint the wall.
  3. Let it dry well.
  4. Place the four hooks. Remember that they must be at the same height.
  5. Paint all the tables.
  6. Wait for them to dry well.
  7. Sand the edges of the boards.
  8. Place the two rectangular boards that make up the shelves

Glue the six squares together into a square. Remember to leave one of the parts without gluing completely, only on one side. Make a small gap on that side of the bucket. Insert the papers and you will have a nice place to put your tissues.


In this process, as you may well have realized; there are two projects in one. I love my new shelves and the tissue box. Both projects carried out in the same way.

As you can see I have not mentioned the measurements of the tables but everything depends on the size of your bathroom. In my case, I did not want the shelves to be fitted to the wall, but rather a small space between them and the wall.

I love the result! Furthermore, the process has been very simple. The decoration depends on what each one wants to place in their bathroom. An easy storage place and, price-wise, very cheap.

That blank wall in front of the mirror was screaming for me to do something. And so it was, a fabulous reform gave it the original touch it so badly needed. In my case, I have built two shelves for the bathroom, but you can increase the number until you think necessary. Always following the same process.

I am very excited to have decorated another area of ​​my home. Every time I walk around my house I discover all the changes that have been made in recent times, and I am excited to think that all of this has been the product of an effort that I have made with my own hands. Amazing!

The cost of the material as you have been able to verify is very low. I’ve had them in my possession for a while, so I can’t give you an exact figure, but I’m sure it wasn’t much money.

Although it has been very difficult for me to start this project, I am very proud of the result. So, you know, cheer for new projects and give a special touch to your homes.

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