Essential safety tips for glue gun users

Using a glue gun is a fantastic way to get the results that you want, with increased precision on application. Because the glue is hot, there are some things you need to consider when using it. Here are some safety tips for using a glue gun.

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Protective clothing

Before using this glue, make sure that you are wearing adequate clothing to protect yourself. This should include overalls, protective gloves and safety glasses.

Check the gun before use

Check that the cord is in working condition and not frayed anywhere and that the plug is safe to use. Make sure the on/off button is functioning correctly and the casing of the gun is intact to avoid leakage.

Optimum temperature

Ensure that the gun is at the temperature recommended for the glue. Check with the metal bonding adhesive manufacturer. Sticking to the guidelines ensures that the gun is not giving off toxic fumes, which can happen when the temperature is too high.

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Make sure the area you are working in is clean and dry and that there are no flammable materials in the vicinity. You want to make sure that your room is well ventilated and if you are having issues with your windows and they are becoming difficult to open you may wish to consult with a Double Glazing Cheltenham company such as to see if they can fix the issue or replace the windows for you.

Safety precautions

Make sure that you have a wire rack and a safety stand to place your glue gun on when not in use. Do not take your eye off the gun at any point; use the stand if distracted. Make sure that you never lay a hot gun on its side when setting it down. Place a drip mat underneath the stand to catch the drips from the gun.

Removing the nozzle after use

Make sure you remove the nozzle while it is still warm as you may damage it if you wait until it’s cool. Use protective gloves when doing this.

Correct usage

Make sure that you don’t tilt the gun or attempt to use it on an overhead item in case of dripping.

Additional safety information

Always check with the manufacturer or supplier and for additional safety information. The glue is hot and this can cause accidents in the workplace or at home.

If you ingest glue, make sure you drink plenty of water and seek medical attention. If you burn yourself, immediately submerge the affected area in cold water. If it gets in contact with your eyes, irrigate immediately and seek medical help.

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