Checks That are Done When you Buy a property to Prevent Money Laundering

Proof of identification is something that you will need at many times for security reasons. To prove that you are old enough to purchase alcohol, to prove that you can travel abroad and to prove that you are eligible to work in the UK, these are all times when you will need to provide ID.

Another time when you might be subject to many checks, is when you are buying a property. Because buying property is something that can be attractive to money launderers, there are checks that are done to crack down on this.

First of all, when you go and apply for a mortgage, you will have to provide proof that you are who you say you are. A check called an AML identity check is something that banks and other financial organisations are required to do in order to reduce the risk of being the target of money launderers.

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When it comes to buying the property itself, amongst all of the other paperwork such as the surveys, your estate agent or your solicitor, or potentially both will also require you to prove that you have the money to buy the property, as well as proving where the money is coming from.

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When it is coming from a mortgage lender, the lender will be able to confirm this on your behalf, however, if you are using savings, an inheritance or a lottery win to buy the property, you will be required to prove this.

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