Protect your Home from the Worst of the Winter Weather

During the winter, weather conditions can lead to things in and around the home becoming broken or damaged. Our homes can come under a lot more stress at this time of the year as winter storms blow into the UK bringing with them freezing temperatures, heavy rain and strong winds.

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Although there is nothing that we can do about the weather, there are things that you can do if you are concerned about your home and how it will fare during these bouts of bad weather. Here are some of the things that you can do…

Keep Pipes Warm – Something that is a problem for many people over the winter when the temperatures go down below freezing, is frozen pipes. In order to reduce the risk of this happening, keeping your pipes well insulated with pipe lagging is essential. Another thing to protect is your outside tap, which is exposed to the cold. If you have a hosepipe attached, remove it before it freezes, as the frozen water in the hose can get into the pipe of the tap.

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Get your Heating Checked – In the winter, we rely on our heating to make sure that our home is warm and comfortable when it’s chilly outside. However, having your heating checked before you get to winter will enable you to get any problems resolved before you need to use it. If you do turn it on in winter and find that it is not working, make sure that you call a professional like this emergency plumber Cheltenham based company to fix it don’t try to do it yourself as this is dangerous.

Protect Against Flooding – Floods are part of winter in the UK and some areas are more prone to them than others. Having a supply of flood defences like sandbags at the ready is a good idea. Keep an eye on local updates for your area that will warn you if flooding is expected – that way it will allow you to prepare for potential flooding to minimise the damage caused.

Be Aware of Wind – In the UK hurricane force winds are not an issue, but winds can still become strong and cause lots of damage. Trees can become a problem if they are old or very near a home as they could then blow down onto your roof, and larger items in the garden can also be blown around causing damage.

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