How can schools market themselves?

Schools are not always best placed to market themselves. It takes knowledge and experience to know how to effectively market yourself and these skills are not always within the remit of a headteacher or senior staff. So, when it comes to creating a website or a School Prospectus Design, it’s best to call on professional advice. Find out more at

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Here are some effective ideas to improve your school’s reach:

Improve your website – Your school is a business and as such, the website must be designed like a business website. It needs to function efficiently, send a positive message and provide a great experience for all visitors and especially prospective parents.

School blog – A blog is ideal for providing advice, updating the community on school events, offering information and building a strong community. While not as important as a great website, blogging is a way to develop and grow within a community. Be sure to only include engaging and relevant content.

Social media – Create a strong community on Facebook. Social media is a powerful vehicle for starting conversations, sharing important information and uploading images from school events, for example. Social media advertising is a further tool to increase engagement and further your reach and can be tailored to your target market.

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Use offline to boost online – If you intend to advertise in newspapers then be sure to include your web address and social media profiles. Include all the ways people can connect with you, the more the merrier!

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