Should You Work with Racing or Road vehicles?

Both the automotive and motorsport industries require those working in them to be both dedicated and experienced; in this article we take a look at the similarities and differences with both.

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The Glitz and Glamour

It’s not all bling and style – regardless of what it might look like – but both industries are attracting a new and enthusiastic team of people as they make robust investments in new technologies, providing a place where career-minded individuals can learn, enjoy and be mentored by some of the most dedicated business minds. Indeed, many of the skills found in both industries can be utilised in all areas.

Team Motorsport

Working in motorsport offers people a fantastic opportunity to see the world and work with an array of fabulous cars – areas include engineering, design and marketing, so there is a place for lots of different skills sets.

Working in motorsport is often seen as more exciting than a career within the automotive industry. It’s all about speed, lightning responses and a stimulating environment. And of course we all think of Formula 1 when we hear the word motorsport; suffice it to say, however, that the motorsport community spans a wider area than just this. There are many different elements to a successful F1 team and the connections that they have with suppliers of parts, that may have been created using Rubber Injection Moulding like that offered by , is incredibly important.

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The Big Wide World

There are downsides to working within the motorsport industry, especially for long periods. The constant travel may sound exciting, but it can have a negative impact on family and personal life.

The world of automotive technology is proving to be an exciting place to work, with the development of hybrid cars, electric vehicles and a whole raft of innovations. Talented individuals, such as designers and engineers, can enjoy being part of a new era in the transportation industry.

Rules and Regulations

Interestingly, there are more stringent rules and regulations in the motorsport industry compared to those in place in the automotive industry. Transportation designers enjoy design freedom; those who work in motorsport are simply governed by speed rather than aesthetic appeal.


Both industries are at the top of their game, and demand for new talent is high. Depending on skills and career motives, both can offer job satisfaction.


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