The History of CCTV

Nowadays, using CCTV provided by specialists like this CCTV Swindon based company is a popular way to protect homes and businesses. But where did it all start?

The first CCTV was invented by a Russian physicist named Leon Theremin in 1927, and the Kremlin became the first place in the world to use CCTV to protect it from intruders! However, it was not something that was used in the UK until the 1960s.

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By this time technology had advanced, and the television was starting to make its way into more and more homes in the UK. The first UK CCTV was used in Trafalgar square and was put there to allow the police to monitor activity. This started to take off, and shopping centres and cities started to realise how this could be helpful to prevent crime on the streets and in shops.

By the 1970s, CCTV also was starting to be used to help monitor traffic too. From the London underground to the roads, the CCTV cameras were a useful way to manage traffic and also to keep an eye out for crime.

Through the 1980s and 1990s, computers and technology were really starting to make strides, and the police were able to start using more traffic cameras and also cameras to detect speed of vehicles on roads around the UK and catch those that were driving at speeds over the legal limit.

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Into the 200s, CCTV became more popular, and householders started to use it more to make their homes more secure. New technology such as facial recognition is also something that was introduced to further help the police.

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