How to fix ruamel.yaml cannot represent an object

How to fix ruamel.yaml cannot represent an object

Ruamel.yaml is a configuration file for the R programming language. It’s also known by the name YAML Ain’t Markup Language, but you probably know it as YAML. This blog will help you understand and fix ruamel.yaml cannot represent an object error in your system when trying to use RStudio or any other program that uses YAML files.

How to fix ruamel.yaml cannot represent an object

The problem is caused by something that you have in your code. Here are some examples to help identify what the issue may be:

  • You are using an old version of ruamel.yaml. The latest version (1.29) should fix this issue, but if you’re still having problems, try downloading a newer one from
  • You have commented out datatype: dict in your code and it’s causing the error message to appear on screen when running Ruamel YAML locally or remotely (through Heroku). To fix this, just remove the comment symbol (#) above from before datatype: dict . For example, if there were two lines above each other looking like this:

“`python class A(object):


“`python def __init__(self): … “` Then simply remove the following line entirely since it’s not needed anymore after removing comments: “`python self._dict = {} # datatype: dict “` This way we can start over fresh so make sure everything works properly!

Make sure that you are using updated version of ruamel.Yaml.

In order to fix this error, you need to make sure that you are using the latest version of ruamel.yaml.

ruamel.yaml is a YAML parser/emitter for Python. It is based on PyYAML and adds a small set of features that are useful for everyday use of YAML in Python applications and libraries.

Ruamel does not support all features of PyYAML nor aim at full compliance with the specification; its goal is to cover enough ground so that users can migrate from PyYAML without much trouble as well as provide useful extensions (e.g., new converter classes).

Remove the data type of object if commented then it will work.

If you want to remove the data type of object, you should comment it. For instance,


# This is a comment

  • name: “Jack”
  • age: 1

“`If we remove the type of `object` as shown below in section 3 (data type), then it will work fine.

For example, in the code below I cannot delete the comment # datatype: dict

This error message is telling you that you are trying to represent an object as a dictionary when it should be a list. You can remove the comment # datatype: dict line and save the file, then try running ryaml. This will work fine.

An error

  • First, make sure you have a valid YAML file. If you are working on an existing project and you think that the error is due to some misconfiguration or missing information, try to use YAML Lint with your configuration. You can do this using the command line:


yaml-lint -f yml example_ruamel.yml“`

This will print the result of the validation in your terminal (and if there’s an error, it will tell you exactly where).


So, there you have it. A few ways to fix ruamel.yaml cannot represent an object error. As we mentioned earlier, this can be caused by a number of factors so I recommend trying out each solution until you find one that works for your particular case.

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