The “never say die” of Men’s fashions.

In many men’s wardrobes, the polo shirt is a staple. Its versatility means it can be worn for smarter occasions or as part of a casual ensemble. It was the tennis uniform of Rene Lacoste that inspired the polo shirt and its success is timeless. We’re here to provide guidance on how to turn a polo shirt into a choice of three styles.

Marking the New Preppy look.

The classic polo shirt has survived through years of fashion trends, influenced by Rene Lacoste. The famous crocodile spotted on many shirts is still likely to be seen today, and the preppy look is ideal for a casual summer theme. Pair your polo for a casual look with white chinos and wear it untucked. Just as popular is the stylings and polo shirt of Calvin Klein Menswear available at EJ Menswear and theses are a great choice for a man looking for polo shirts from a stylish design house.

Getting Dressed Up .

Say goodbye to the days when it was necessary to wear a shirt and tie and embrace a long-sleeve polo. When paired with a two-piece cotton suit, it is suitable for any evening occasion. Don’t be afraid to mix in different colours if you feel bold. Wear a bomber jacket or blazer for a more relaxed look. The optimum choice of footwear when wearing a polo shirt is sandals, loafers and white sneakers.

Retro Sweater that says 60’s cool.

Steve McQueen and James Dean were style legends, and with a knitted polo, you can recreate their timeless style. Display an edgy look with a leather jacket or wear a long-sleeve knitted polo in winter.

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