Should a Pregnant Dog Be Dewormed?

Deworming your dog is one of the most important things to do throughout his life. A dog should always be protected from internal parasites before she becomes pregnant, as these can be transmitted to embryos. This happens because the worms and tapeworms are able to cross the placenta and reach the cubs, infesting them too. When you see that the pregnant bitch has these parasites, it is normal that you worry if you are not knowledgeable about how to protect both this and future puppies from this situation.

Should a pregnant dog be dewormed? With this article, we want to ensure the safety of both your faithful companion and their puppies and, therefore, we show you what to do about this frequent problem in dogs. So if you ask yourself ” can I worm my pregnant bitch? ” Read on!

Should a pregnant dog be dewormed?

The reality is that a pregnant bitch CAN be dewormed, in fact, not only can this be done, but it must be done to prevent intestinal parasites from transmitting to the embryos or causing damage to the bitch’s body, which also will end up affecting the puppies.

Although the answer to your question about whether a pregnant bitch can be dewormed is affirmative, under no circumstances should you administer an antiparasitic on your own to the bitch, since not all antiparasitics act against the same parasites nor are all recommended to apply them to a pregnant bitch, as they can cause damage to both the pregnancy process and future puppies. Also, if the right product is not applied, it will have been in vain and the parasites will not disappear. That is why you should always go to a veterinarian to find out which is the correct antiparasitic to kill intestinal worms in your dog and how and when you should administer it.

should a pregnant dog be dewormed

When to worm a pregnant bitch?

Although a pregnant dog can be dewormed, the administration of medication is not recommended in these cases, since it can pass to the puppies and cause damage to them. However, due to the importance of avoiding damage to your dog’s organism and the fact that its internal parasites are transmitted to the children, an antiparasitic can be administered to the dog, but always with certain precautions. Keep in mind that before crossing a dog it is necessary to deworm it, it is a previous step to riding, to avoid this type of problem. However, if this was unknown or if the dog has become pregnant without her guardian or caretaker expressly looking for it and now she has parasites, then we must act to take care of her health and that of the puppies. Now if you wonder “When to deworm my pregnant bitch? “Take note of these situations:

  • When the severity of the infestation puts your dog’s life at risk, it is inevitable to deworm it, whatever the moment of pregnancy it is.
  • The pregnancy of a bitch lasts between 63 and 67 days, the safest time to deworm it is during the last phase of this period, since the puppies are more trained and are able to better withstand medications, so the risk that are damaged decreases.
  • It is also recommended to deworm your dog during lactation, since parasites can be transmitted to puppies through breast milk.
  • In addition to internal deworming, never forget to deworm your dog externally, always consulting with the vet to apply the right product, as the risks are the same as in the case of internal parasites.
  • Not only is it important to deworm your pregnant or lactating dog, but after giving birth it will also be necessary to deworm your puppies if they already show symptoms or even if only the mother does. However, it should not be done before the first month of life. Although there are spays for puppies in emergency cases.
  • As you can see, it is especially important to prevent internal and external parasites before a dog becomes pregnant, so that you do not have to take any risk to solve this problem.

Deworming a pregnant bitch – external parasites

Deworming a bitch externally during pregnancy is really important to prevent puppies at birth from catching these parasites, such as fleas, ticks, or lice. Before deworming your dog yourself, you should consult your veterinarian, since it depends on the parasite that your furry presents, the professional will indicate the administration of an antiparasitic or another. Normally to deworm a dog externally pipettes or sprays are used that can be applied by the vet or you can do it by following these tips.

  • If your dog is small breed, remove the hair in the area between the shoulder blades with one hand, until you see the skin clearly and with the other hand apply all the content in this area.
  • If your bitch is large breed, pipette along the back. To do this, first remove all the hair from the neck area to almost the tail and apply the content trying to distribute it along the entire line of the back.

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