Fascinating Ways to Bet on the Esport

Esport has gained momentum since 1972 when it traces its origin after consoles became popular. This sport entails online or video games turned into a spectator sport. On the surface, it mimics the experience of spectating professional sporting events, except that here spectators watch the video while gamers battle it out. Popular among millennials, online casinos have adopted the games and offered esport betting options to attract this generation to the platforms synonymous with Gen Z and baby boomers. However, unlike conventional sports betting, esports is quite different. So, how do you bet on esports? There are five ways, which include:

Real money betting

Real money betting in esport is the same as in traditional betting. In this bet, you use your wager to bet on the gamer or team of gamers you expect to win. You can find esport betting on online casinos like fun88, with markets such as drawing, group of the winner, group winner, handicap bet, and outright winner.

Other markets include over or under, region winner, and total rounds. When you bet on the group of winners, your bet is on the group you expect to win the entire tournament, whereas the group winner is for the specific tournament if the team is organized in groups.

Challenge betting

Esport challenge betting is social betting where two gamers or groups of gamers challenge each other in a game. The players can wager money. Alternatively, the gamers can do esport prop betting, in which the punter can win if the specific situation has been met. This esport betting is also called esport peer-to-peer betting. These players meet on discord channels, gaming forums, Twitch, Reddit, and Facebook groups.

Skin betting

Skin betting involves wagering on virtual items. These items are valuable since they are useable in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GS). The term is coined from the functions of those virtual items, which include changing players’ in-game avatar appearance and weapons.

The games have different skin systems; however, the CS: GS skins are the most popular, accounting for a considerable chunk of total wagering activity. The gamers use the skins as quasi-currency (more like a casino chip).

Fantasy betting

This esport betting is an online game of skills more than gambling. It entails the bettor assembling a virtual team on a quest to amass points based on the game’s statistics.

In this type of esport betting, you start playing at the season’s onset, where you create and build your team using your allocated virtual budget. You will need a mix of new players and seasoned ones. When the season starts, you will earn points per player. You will be competing against other fantasy teams. Note that there is an option of playing daily fantasy instead of a season-long one.

Esport betting is growing in popularity with nothing but a projected increase in users. It will help if you join it at this early stage to be an expert when it becomes mainstream. You can bet on this esports on websites like fun88. Use the information you have learned in this article to get you started. You can inquire from the support team should you face any difficulty in the process.

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