Bruce Forsyth had a magnificent career

Bruce Forsyth was one of televisions most hard working and well respected individuals. His career spanned many years and in more recent times people have been contacting TV Aerial Installation Cardiff companies to allow them to get the best signal possible from sites like who will install a new aerial for you.

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It is thought that is was an appearance as the host on ‘Have I Got News For You’ that saw his television career revived following on from the cancellation of Play Your Cards Right by ITV. It was just a year after appearing on the satire news show that he was booked to be the presenter for Strictly Come Dancing. He continued to present this until his health became too fragile to continue.

Forsyth first appeared on television in 1939 at the young age of 11 in a program called ‘Come and Be Televised’. ON the show he sang and performed a tap routine much to the delight of the audience. It was only three short years later that he was given a regular broadcasting slot with the BBC. Although he had appeared as presented in his  younger years it wasn’t until he turned 30 that his television career really started to progress. It was then that he was chosen to present for ITV on their program Sunday Night at the London Palladium.

He was keen to ensure that he didn’t become a one-trick pony and in 1964 he took up the option to star in a West End musical called Little Me. It followed the life of a Hollywood diva called Belle Poitrine. The show had originated on Broadway and bruce received some incredible reviews for his performances with The Times calling his “omni-competent”. He also appeared in a number of movies including Bedknobs and Broomsticks which appeared on our screens in 1971 and he had a role alongside Julie Andrews in the film Star. In an interview, Bruce noted that he wished he had done more acting but that he had become typecast as a game show host and so it became difficult for him to get parts.

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Following on from his incredible stint as the host of Strictly Come Dancing, where he got to present, dance and even sing he became lorded as one of the UK’s greatest television entertainers of all time. After his death the show led many heartfelt tributes to an incredible man.

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