Biohackers season 2 When to expect its premiere?

Biohackers season 2

If you are wondering when does Biohackers season 2 premiere? Do not worry, since you are the same as many and it is that how not to be if this is the new science fiction series that promises to leave us all with our mouths open. At the moment, it has not been released, but nothing is missing for it to do so. In fact, it will be on August 20 of this year, so we are looking forward to it.

When to expect Biohackers season 2?

Biohackers season 2

At the moment, nothing has been said about the premiere of a second season, since as we mentioned, the first has not yet been released. However, the criticism, for now, is being quite good and with the trailer that they showed us, the truth is that they left us with the curiosity to know what is going to happen.

What is Biohackers about?

This is a German series that is expected on August 20 on the Netflix platform and is one of the most anticipated series for this month. To begin, he talks about how the world of Biohackers promises to create THC chips for better genetics. Specifically, we are going to follow the story of Mia (Luna Wendler), who is a young university student with a medical degree.

But after meeting Professor Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz), he will find the answer to his destiny and that of humanity. According to the Biohackers teaser trailer, Lorenz is involved in a tragedy from her past.

There are several questions that this series raises and many of them deal with morality, for example, Where do we establish our ethical and moral limits? This, like many other doubts, promises to answer the direct of Biohackers in six chapters, which until now have been announced in the German science fiction series.

Fortunately, every day there is less left for its premiere that we remember will be done on the Netflix Streaming platform on August 20 and will have 6 chapters in its first season. Chances that we have a second season, for now, they look quite high, and if so, it may arrive for some date next year.

A key point to note about this series is that despite the fact that it does not cover a pandemic, both Netflix and its creators decided to take the current situation due to Covid-19 into consideration. It is because of this that they did not decide to release it until now (August 20), since at the beginning of this a scene was presented that could be disturbing for viewers at this precise moment.

With this extra data, expectations about this series increase considerably, since What is that scene? And why wait until now to make the premiere of Biohackers. If we take this into account and the emotion that is moving among the public, it is very likely that we will end up seeing the announcement of a Biohackers season 2. Besides, the plot points out that there are several topics that will be touched, so maybe 6 chapters are not enough to count.

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