5 Big Internet Marketing Trends for 2019

Internet Marketing Trends

There was a lot of forward-thinking in 2018. The Internet marketing trends in 2019 may bring things forward at an even more breakneck pace. Planning ahead is a way of life in this field. To stay ahead of competitors, you must learn these trends and be on top of them. You need to anticipate every change expected to shake up marketing strategies.

Here are five elements of Internet marketing trends already being seen this year.

1. Augmented Reality

It has already taken off. Augmented reality is providing the online marketing community with opportunities to provide new types of experiences for customers. Games, apps, and ads will immerse people in experiences that connect them with brands in new ways. From online shopping, loyalty rewards programs, to Pokémon Go; augmented reality is here to stay.

2. Data Visualization Tools

The need to analyze huge quantities of data is more critical than ever before. The information shows who is buying what, and why they are at specific times. Additionally, how the types of messaging used are influencing their purchasing decisions.

The number of data visualization tools keeps on growing. As the months of 2017 pass by, we’ll see the technology continue to become more sophisticated. It will meet the data visualization demands of online marketers. Read also: Philip Defranco net worth

3. Live Video Streaming

Social media has been gravitating toward even more up-to-the-moment content, in the form of live videos. Internet speeds and bandwidth now allow it. People can stream and shoot videos on their mobile devices.

Therefore, new platforms and apps are popping up to support their needs. In 2017, the potential is there for brands and consumers to use live video even more. Brands can capitalize on the appeal, value, and user engagement/instant feedback it affords.

4. Dense Content

Virtually every brand is flooding the Web with content. Though, Internet users’ attention spans seem to be diminishing. Consumers are filtering out most of the messages presented to them. Many skip posts and other content. Marketers are considering ways to condense content. Every word and every line will count even more, including the best anchor text for SEO backed by research.

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5. Immersive Experiences

Internet marketers are already looking to consumers a more immersive experience. This includes technologies such as augmented reality. Virtual reality is not far behind. These, videos and more are being integrated into advertising, workshops, and webinars.

This is done to make the experience more engaging, and boost the level of interaction. The idea is to make people feel like they’re not just staring at their phone or computer screen. Instead, they are immersed in a whole new world.

These five Internet marketing trends are proving to be game changers. They will surely continue to make waves as Internet marketers fine-tune their messages in 2019.

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