One Week of Spring Outfits for Men

Spring is a transitional season, so during these three months it’s important to dress up stylish, but also warm and comfortable, as the last thing you’d want is to catch a cold at the very beginning of March. The easiest way to do this is by planning your looks beforehand based on the weather forecast and your personal taste. If you need some inspiration, we’ve created 5 distinctive outfits that you can wear for a whole week that will not only make you look great but also expand your fashion horizons.


Start your week with a pop of color, but keep it classy. Get a slim fit striped shirt in white and blue made of cotton and wear it with a pair or beige chino pants. This outfit will make you feel like you belong in an elitist country club no matter where you’re actually going. Lastly, throw over a trench coat and don’t forget about accessories: a leather belt and a wristwatch are the two things that should always be on you and if you’re lucky enough to have a sunny and warm day, match your look with some suede loafers for a killer combination.


The second day of the week will be all about layering. A fit white turtleneck and a classic pair of denim jeans will serve as the base of your outfit. To make it more colorful and suitable for spring, add a wool sweater best with a colorful pattern and a pair of white sneakers. As per accessories, apart from the classic belt from the previous day we recommend adding an Irish flat cap –  this headpiece will not only protect you from the changing weather but also make your outfit stand out. You can find a wide range of Irish flat caps for men online so finding the perfect one for you should be no problem. Finish the look with a wool overcoat in a neutral color and you’re good to go.


On Wednesday, get inspired by Jenna Ortega’s character and create a total black look. We love black button-up shirts with a passion especially if they’re made of silk, as they are sure to make any outfit look chic and sophisticated. A pair of black trousers will be the right fit for your top while a heavyweight blazer will perfectly finish the look. Play around with the accessories for this outfit, for example by wearing your Wayfarer sunglasses with black lenses and a leather backpack. As for the shoes, some black leather derbies will carry your outfit.


If you’re out of ideas on Thursday but would like to wear something more casual than on the previous days, returning to the basic looks might be the best idea. A chunky half zip sweater made of fine wool will keep you warm and make you look sporty while the classic pair of denim jeans will be the best bottoms for a casual look. You can make your attire more interesting by adding a pair of socks with colorful patterns that will express your individuality and protect you from the bad weather. Top the look off with a brightly colored beanie, for example an orange one, and you’ll get a wonderful casual outfit.


If you’ve woken up excited about the weekend and with no desire to put on something fancy, your Friday outfit should be all about comfort and effortless chic. And what better way to stay warm and comfy during this day than by wearing a fleece sweater. Choose one in a light color such as white or gray and if you don’t have an official dress code at your workplace that you have to obey then we’d honestly recommend pairing it with some sweatpants and the white sneakers from the Monday look. Lastly, add a puffer jacket and a backpack and prepare yourself for a weekend full of relaxation.

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