How to grow eyelashes longer and thicker at home?

The eyelashes are a very important part of the face as they perform the function of defending the eyes from dust, but not only. These, in fact, are fundamental for the success of the make-up, as they are able to define and open the gaze, making it more intense and attractive. In some cases, due to some bad habits, we tend to stress the eyelashes, perhaps rubbing excessively when we remove make-up or going to sleep without removing make-up and consequently, they appear fragile and thin. To get them back healthy and strong, you need to take care of them, so here are all the tips on how to grow eyelashes longer and thicker at home.

How to grow eyelashes longer and thicker at home?

How to grow eyelashes longer and thicker at home

This vegetable oil is the number one ally of the eyelashes as it performs a dual function, that of moisturizing and protecting the eyelashes from microorganisms, promoting their growth. Castor oil is also great to use on your brows if you want them thicker. The oil should be applied to the lashes with the help of a cotton swab or a virgin mascara applicator every night for at least two months. In the morning, simply rinse with warm water and that’s it.

Strengthen the lashes with olive oil

As an alternative to castor oil, it is possible to use another vegetable oil, olive. This oil, in fact, represents an excellent solution to thicken, nourish and deeply hydrate the lashes. Apply it every evening, after having removed your make-up, with the help of a clean brush or a cotton swab, insisting particularly on the central area in the morning, rinse with warm water. The first results will be visible after a couple of months.

Strengthen the lashes with aloe gel

If you have particularly sensitive eyes, using vegetable oils could irritate them. In this case, you can create a lighter blend with the aloe gel and make a real pack. Mix 3/4 of aloe gel with 1/4 of vegetable oil of your choice. Coat your lashes with this pack and let them work overnight. In the morning, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Strengthen your lashes by brushing them

To strengthen thin eyelashes, one of the best natural remedies without side effects is to brush them. To do this, just use an eyelash comb and apply a drop of vitamin E or vegetable oil to it. Make very gentle movements from the roots to the ends. This simple gesture stimulates growth by allowing nutrients to reach the hair bulbs more easily.

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