How to cut granite

How to cut granite

Granite is a versatile material, formed by the slow cooling of molten magma at great depths. It is an intrusive igneous rock of white color, formed for a long time under the earth’s crust, in which large crystals are created that give rise to the texture of granites. Which allows it to be manipulated in multiple ways, due to its susceptibility to mold.

Despite being rocky, it is possible to cut granite as long as the use of the appropriate equipment is considered or the skills required to cut this type of material are possessed. As well as knowledge about the manipulated body, which minimizes losses, facilitates cuts, and makes the job a safe act.


There are multiple ways to cut granite marble, given by its characteristics and properties that access the application of various treatments. Currently, we have high-tech materials and instruments applied to their use for different purposes, effective for cutting, drilling, or polishing: ideal for cutting granite countertops or cutting granite countertops.

Granite can also be cut with a grinder, since they are powerful machines, ideal thanks to their versatility for work, allowing the use of different types of cutting discs. A skilled operator can make very small cuts since the displacement granted by the grinder can be used by virtue of the cut that is made.

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For granite cutting machines table, we recommend discs diamond s for cuts effortlessly even considerable thicknesses depending on the type of machine you use. We also recommend turbo discs, with a thickness of 3 cm, which offer the narrowest possible cuts for this material.

The radial for granite cutting is a common and comfortable device, like the table cutting machine, which is undoubtedly the most efficient for cutting granite. Similarly, manual granite cutting machines are effective depending on the job you want to create, the equipment you use, and the cut you want to do.


The procedure is simple when you know the work area and everything mentioned above. Essentially if you take into account the following tips from How to cut granite? :

Drawing lines before making the cut will allow you to appear the way you want.

Mainly you should move the saw without much pressure, bring the stone along the line, as close as you can.

Using both hands will give you maximum control over the saw, avoiding any sudden movement. Although it is possible to use this type of machine with just one hand.

It is also advisable not to force the saw too quickly, since you can damage yourself and even the rock.


As we have seen, cutting granite is not an easy task, as it requires great precision and care. Likewise, to make a good cut, different safety aspects must be taken into account. So that you do not spoil the piece you produce. Starting with the use of the appropriate tools, up to technical precautions during the incision.

It is very important to know that granite is dense. And the use of the correct diameter on the cutting disc depends on it. We must appreciate that, when cutting granite stone, both dry and wet, the blades recommended by us should be used. Noting at the same time that these discs lose precision when used in non-rocky materials because they waste performance and cutting power.

Among the safety aspects that you must take into account when cutting granite are the following:

  • Wear a safety mask when cutting. When using the saw, dust can get into your eyes and damage them.
  • Avoid using gloves, they make it difficult to hold the cutting machine.
  • Remove all kinds of accessories such as chains, watches, and bracelets. Gathering your hair and rolling up your shirt sleeves: each of these aspects are essential to prevent accidents.
  • Check the proper setting of the tool.
  • Use a diamond blade with the appropriate measurements for the density of the granite to be cut.
  • Work slowly to avoid kickback and loss of grip on the blade.
  • Maintain full concentration while cutting so that job safety is not lost.
  • Do not use blunt blades, they increase the risk of kickback.

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