Farming Jobs throughout the Year

Working on a farm is one of those jobs that you never get a day off from and there is always work to be done! Whatever the season, a farmer’s job is a busy one, however the activities vary depending on the time of year as well as whether the farming is livestock or arable (or both!).

Farming also comes with many hazards, and in fact is one of the most dangerous jobs that you can have, as it involves using heavy machinery, and working in more dangerous situations than many other jobs. Farm health and safety like this is essential to people who work on a farm.

Here are just some of the various jobs that farmers will need to do throughout the year…

In the winter months of December and January temperatures will typically be at their lowest and the reduced hours of daylight mean that farmers are not able to work for as long. Many repairs are made at this time of year to prepare for the oncoming winter, and of course animals with livestock will have to ensure that the animals are kept safe and warm as the weather is at its most brutal.

As winter turns to spring, the activities on the farm increase. Days grow longer and animals are being born so calving and lambing make this a busy time for farmers. Fertilising fields and sowing crops also is done during the spring.

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As the days warm up farmers have longer hours to work so will make the most of this by doing jobs on the farm. The approaching harvest season is a busy time for arable farmers, and haymaking also takes up plenty of time. This is also the time to shear sheep and vaccinate young animals.

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As summer turns to autumn, ploughing the fields is the main job for crop farmers, and lambs will start to be weaned off their mother’s milk. This is also a time for farm maintenance such as hedge and tree cutting.

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