Australia has now legalised medical psychedelics

In a world first, Australia has legalised the use of psychedelics, but only in the treatment of select mental health conditions. Whilst the use of MDMA and magic mushrooms has been approved in the treatment of PTSD and depression respectively, many argue that there is not yet enough evidence to suggest it is safe and have called for more research.
MDMA and psilocybin

Approved Australian psychiatrists will now be able to prescribe MDMA for the treatment of PTSD. MDMA is a synthetic drug, a so-called party drug that induces feelings of euphoria and is hallucinogenic. Studies have found that this drug is highly efficacious in treating the most severe PTSD.

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When it comes to depression, psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms, has also proved to be successful in studies.

Mental health treatment in the UK

Here in the UK, we’re a long way from passing such laws. Mental health conditions are typically treated with talking therapies and prescription medicine.

But awareness of mental health conditions is improving. Anyone can now undertake mental health first aid training, which is often delivered by the same providers who host emergency first aid training courses. When you book your next set of emergency first aid training courses, speak to your provider about their mental health first aid training options too.

The argument against

Some critics claim that the law has been passed too quickly. The risk of a bad trip still exists for both MDMA and magic mushrooms and should not be overlooked. Furthermore, such therapy will cost thousands of pounds, just for a single course.

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The argument for

Research suggests that the risk remains low when these drugs are administered correctly, especially as the therapist remains present. Clinical research is also taking place in Canada, Japan, and Israel, suggesting that Australia is not alone in seeing the benefits of such treatments.

The results of many studies are certainly positive, and according to some experts, the risk is very low. Whether or not these two drugs prove to be successful will become evident in the coming months and years.

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