Skills Taught on a Working at Heights Course

Construction and industry training helps workers do their jobs safely every day. A working at heights course is designed for workers who supervise or conduct tasks at height. You will be able to safely work from heights after completing the course. WHere are some of the most important skills that employees will learn in this working at heights course.

Inspecting Worksites

The Working at Heights course begins with an introduction to the heights industry, including the hazards. This will ensure that everyone knows what technical and safety issues they should be aware of. You will learn to inspect work sites for safety hazards prior to anyone ascending to potentially dangerous heights. For PASMA Courses, contact /

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Controlling Hazards

Working at heights can be dangerous due to falling objects, fragile roofs and bad weather. These hazards will be discussed in more detail during the training. This includes how to identify hazards and control them as much as you can.

Checking Equipment

It is important for anyone working at a height to have the right safety equipment. You will learn how to inspect equipment before using it for faults and improper fitting. Personal protective equipment, fall-protection devices and temporary working platforms are all included.

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Reporting is another key skill that’s taught during a course on working at heights. It is important to keep track of all safety equipment, work platforms and incidents.


The ability to supervise your staff is one of the most valuable skills you will learn during training for working at heights. You need to have the right management skills if you want to progress in your career and supervise staff who work at heights.

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