How to Clean Cell Phone Cases? Follow the Cleaning Steps

How to clean cell phone cases

After a few months of use, the cell phone case starts to get dirty and the colored part begins to lose its original color, while the transparent part positioned on the display starts to become opaque. Generally, this is enough to decide to replace it with a new one. In fact, when this happens, if we cannot see the screen clearly, we risk not understanding who is calling us or not being able to read the messages sent to us well.

To overcome this annoying discomfort, it is not entirely necessary to change your case, but it will be enough to find a valid solution to make it look like new, both for an aesthetic factor and both for a practical one. In this short guide, you will find simple but valid tips on how to clean typical cell phone cases. The operation is extremely simple to carry out and can be carried out comfortably using normal, commonly used cleaning products or specific cleaning kits can be used.

How to clean cell phone cases?

Thanks to the right method and with specific products it is possible to perfectly clean every type of phone case. The simplest and most popular covers are the soft ones created in silicone. These covers, particularly used for the good manageability and protection they guarantee, are the easiest to clean.

For cleaning, you can use a wet cloth with which you can rub them from time to time. Alternatively, a common eraser can be used to remove the most important stains. The last way you can clean, for the laziest, is to put it safely in the washing machine at 30 degrees with the laundry, so as to have a perfectly clean cover. The rigid type covers, on the other hand, can be easily cleaned using a wet cloth to remove any residues that have formed.

Clean the phone display

Once the external part of the case has been completely cleaned, you can dedicate it to eliminate the dirt present on the display of your mobile phone. To perfectly clean this part, you can easily use a specific product for glass or use simple alcohol. These substances are in fact ideal for cleaning transparent surfaces in order to completely remove the opaque effect and give the original brightness to the display.

In this case, it is absolutely necessary not to exaggerate the number of products to be used. Otherwise, your risk only ruining the surface. The surface can also be rubbed vigorously since the material with which it is produced will hardly tend to be damaged. The only product that must be used with care is alcohol.

Use of phone cleaning kits

Apart from the methods described above, to clean the case and the display of your mobile phone, you can use complete kits easily available in all electronics stores. These are certainly very effective, but they are also quite expensive. To clean the case through the kit purchased, you must first disinfect the surface with the specific detergent and make circular movements with the microfibre cloth found inside the package or simply with a soft and slightly damp cotton cloth.

In the case where the case is made of silicone, you must first collect the dust with a brush which is usually contained in the various kits, so as to also remove all hair and then clean using a soft cloth moistened in a solution of mild soap and water. Finally, you can dab with a dry cloth and rinse under running water. Let the case dry in the open air on a shelf, avoiding to expose it directly to too strong sunlight.

Methods for cleaning heavily soiled and yellowed covers

In cases where you have particularly yellowed covers, you can immerse the cover for two hours in a basin with two glasses of water and one of bleach. This method will make the cover clean, but it must be completely transparent and have colored decorations.

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