What Happens When You Don’t Clean Your Commercial Carpets?

commercial carpets

If you work in a large office, you have tons of clients, guests, and workers walking through your space on a daily basis. Whether you live in a large city or not, every guest who walks through your office is bringing a ton of baggage with them, by way of their shoes.

You may not spend a ton of time thinking about your commercial carpets, but as a business owner who wants to keep their business running smoothly and protect workers and clients from disease, it would benefit you to start thinking about a more serious approach to carpet cleaning if you haven’t already. While it might seem totally fine to go a few weeks or even months without treating your carpet, this can actually be a huge mistake, especially when flu season rolls around. Without consistent cleaning, your carpet can become a breeding ground for all types of bacteria and pathogens. If you want to get a cleaner carpet and healthier workspace, here are some things to be aware of when it comes to your carpet.

Your Carpet Could Start Growing Mold

If you’re running a business, the last thing you want to think about is damage control when it comes to your office. However, that’s just what you’ll be focusing on if you let your carpet get too grungy. It doesn’t even take long for your carpet to start picking up harmful strains of bacteria that can start creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Think about how many people come to your office per day, and how much dirt, pollen, and bacteria they track in simply by walking to their desk? While not all bacteria is bad or harmful, a lot of it can be, especially if your office is smaller and you’re all huddled around the same space.

The Air Quality Could Change

Even a short stranded carpet like a berber rug can end up trapping a lot of dust and dirt under the surface. For instance, if you keep the window open during a breezy day in August, there’s a chance that tons of pollen and other allergens will come wafting through the window and settle on your carpet. Once they’re trapped there, they can start seriously affecting the air quality in your office. If you have workers who are sensitive or deal with year-round allergies, you owe it to them to get your rug cleaned at least every month.

Illness Could Spread More Quickly

Illness Could Spread More Quickly

Dirt is far from the only issue you’ll be dealing with when your rug reaches a certain point of griminess. If you work in a small or even medium-sized office, the threat of spreading germs via an unclean carpet is all too real. While a lot of bacteria carried in on foot will probably die without causing harm, there are plenty of strains that can stay alive for weeks in your carpet. This means that a flu-causing strain, such as Norovirus, could end up living and thriving in your carpet’s fibers for a long time if you don’t get it cleaned. Have you ever wondered why the “office bug” seems to circulate for a long time, making sure everyone in the office falls ill at least once? This isn’t just about working in close proximity and sharing germs in a small space. It can also have a lot to do with your carpet health.

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