Quick ways to update your living room

Searching for some fast updates for your living room? Regardless of whether you have to rapidly patch up your lounge room for last minute visitors or you are simply exhausted with your present environment and need some simple changes, look at these quick plan tips that can change your front room in only a couple of hours…

  1. Changing the layout

Reconfiguring your lounge room design can make it look and feel totally changed. In the event that you truly can’t face moving the couch from its prime TV watching position, consider moving chairs around to create a cute reading nook, add in a side table or divide up part of the room to create a small home office.

Working with a little lounge room? Perhaps you are constrained to where you can move your furnishings yet have a go at moving it marginally away from walls to give furniture all the more breathing room, you would be amazed by how much this can open up a little space.

  1. Switch up the cushions

Cushions are the most flexible of decorations. They have a mind-boggling capacity to totally change a room, regardless of whether all you have done is include a couple of new ones or colours to your gathering. Accessible in such a large number of various sizes, shapes, hues and fabrics, they could be all your front room needs to feel revived.

  1. Invest in a gorgeous chair

Sick of the same old saggy couch? Why not treat yourself to a luxurious lounge chair, whether it’s for watching TV or to be placed in the quiet, cosy reading nook? For the Eames Lounge Chair, visit Pash Living

  1. Include a gallery wall

Including a display wall is a great way to rapidly and inexpensively update a lounge area, fill a clear space and give a room truly necessary character. Use photographs, record covers or prints to create an interesting backdrop.

  1. Add lots of greenery

House plants are an incredible way to rapidly add shading and shape to a living room. Put resources into two or three bigger plants to dab around the edges of your room and include smaller plants like succulents and prickly plants to shelves and mantelpieces.

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  1. Paint the furniture

Don’t panic as anyone with a paintbrush and the right attitude can freshen up old furniture with a lick of paint. This is one of the quickest and most effective fixes to updating the look and feel of your room. Go through your home and find items that look a little shabby or worn and decide if a fresh coat of paint could mean they deserve a new place in your living room.

  1. An instant wall mural

Another highly effective yet cheap and quick way to transform a room is by adding a mural to a feature wall. You don’t need to stress over excessive time spent painting or gluing, as there are ones available that you can hang in a matter of minutes. These are also a good option for rentals, thanks to their temporary nature.




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