Making a Statement in Small Living Spaces

When living in a small living space, you may feel like you do not have the ability to truly show off your own personal style with décor. Large furniture pieces and big pieces of artwork may be out of the equation in a small home, however, there are still some impactful ways you can enhance your living space and show off your own personal style. By carefully selecting your furniture and other elements you can design your home to perfectly match your own personal taste. In this article, we will give you some strategies you can implement in your home to make the most of your space and make a statement.

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If you have a small living space, you may only have room for one of two sofa pieces. However, this does not mean that your sofa must be boring. You can choose to have one functional sofa and a statement chair piece to show off your personal taste. You can also choose a sofa with interesting colours, textures, and shapes. You can also go for a chair or sofa with a pullout leg rest, as this saves space when it is not in use and is very functional for you and your guests.

When it comes to window treatments, many people decide to go for standard curtains. Although curtains come in multiple colours, textures, and designs, they can sometimes not show off the style of the homeowner. This is why choosing a different window treatment can have a great impact on the overall aesthetic of your home. By installing shutters in your rooms, you can instantly create a more classic and rustic feel to your home, whilst also blocking out the sunlight. You can have shutters that can add a pop of colour to your living spaces and become a focal point all on their own. If you want shutters in your home, you can contact a Shutters Gloucester company. An example of one of these companies is

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Finally, when trying to add personality to a small living area, it is important that you make use of your walls. By installing shelves and art pieces on your walls, you can add a lot of personality without sacrificing any space. You can also turn whole walls into feature walls by putting up wallpaper or painting one wall a bolder colour to the rest of the room.

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