Can a TV aerial be installed on a flat roof?

A TV aerial on a flat roof can be an affordable and sensible option. It can be installed in the centre to prevent too much visual impact on the street and can be an excellent choice for listed properties and buildings where the design may be spoiled by the look of TV receiving equipment.

Why might you need a flat roof aerial?

An aerial may be needed on a flat roof if there are no other options or if wall mounting is too expensive or makes servicing and repairs difficult.

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How to install a TV aerial on a flat roof

The most sensible option is to hire professional experts in TV aerial installation in Cheltenham or elsewhere. This is generally an affordable option, although the cost can vary between companies and individual installers and according to factors such as location and the kind of aerial being installed.

If you’re looking for aerial installers, always use a reputable company or individual. You can find information on how to pick a tradesperson you can trust on the Citizens Advice website.

Doing it yourself

Another option is to install the aerial yourself. But only do this if you feel able to complete the task and there is no danger to you or anyone else. The cost of employing the services of professionals in TV aerial installation Cheltenham or elsewhere will be worth every penny if it saves you from damaging property or having to cope with injuries.

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Knowing how to do it can be useful even if you’re not going to DIY, however, as you can be confident that your installer has done the job properly. So, do your research.

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