How To Make A Bow In Minecraft?

how to make a bow in minecraft

For the different confrontations that we can have with the creatures that inhabit the world in Minecraft, there are a series of weapons with which we can defend ourselves and get out safely. Of course, depending on the player’s taste, the weapons will be used. Among them, there is a long-range one. We refer to the Arch. If you want to get one but you have no knowledge, How to Make a Bow in Minecraft? At this time, we will tell you what you must do to build it.

How To Make A Bow In Minecraft?

The Bow is a long-range weapon, which is made up of a thin and light but strong wooden base and a crimped string that propels an arrow. Considering that it is one of the oldest weapons in human history and that this is very popular, it has been added to our favorite game Minecraft. Therefore, if you want to have a bow, follow these steps that we will leave you shortly. Also discover: How to make a secret door in Minecraft?

how to make a bow in minecraft

Crafting a Bow in Minecraft

To make a bow, we will need two materials and are Sticks and threads. If we do not have any of these elements, this is not the time to get depressed! Since it is very simple how we can obtain them. You may like also: What are sponges used for in minecraft

The sticks are obtained through the wood. To obtain wood, we will cut down some trees that are around (any of the 6 types). For this, we will use an ax. Then these will give us 3 to 4 units of tree trunks. We will take the trunks and place them on the work table. We will obtain the wooden planks. Again we will use the work table and with the planks located in the slots, we will create the Sticks.

Now that we have the sticks, we must get the strings. To get thread, we need to defeat spiders, they are found wandering and we can usually find them at night or in places with poor lighting. They will give us threads and spider eyes. We can also get the threads if we find ourselves in an abandoned mine, we will look for cobwebs and with a pair of scissors, we will obtain them.

After obtaining the two elements, we will place them on the Worktable.

Bow enchantments in Minecraft

Like other tools and weapons, the bow can be enchanted so that its efficiency and effectiveness is much better, among the enchantments that we can place on the enchantment table we have:

  • Unbreakable: Increases the durability of the Bow, making its decay speed much lower.
  • Power: Increases the damage done to an item by 25%.
  • Infinity: Makes us able to shoot infinite arrows using a single arrow that will not be consumed.
  • Recoil: As its name suggests, recoil increases when the arrow hits a target (targets are pushed further when hit with the arrow).
  • Curse of Disappearance: This causes the item enchanted by it to be destroyed when the player dies.
  • Fire: Causes arrows to ignite when shot, and damage from the arrow’s fire is reflected after the initial hit damage.
  • Repair: This enchantment allows the bow’s deterioration to be automatically repaired as experience orbs are gained.

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