Problems with the Television Aerial and What Might have Caused them

For most of us, television plays a big part in our lives – whether you are a soap addict who likes to catch up with the going on in Albert Square or Coronation Street Regularly, or someone who gets hooked on a new Netflix series, television watching is one of the most popular ways to unwind after a hard day at work.

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Many of us nowadays will have more than one television in the home, with some people enjoying watching television in bed, and some liking to watch a show in the kitchen whilst they are getting the dinner ready.

With this being the case, problems with the television can be really annoying and put a stop on you being able to watch your favourite shows. The aerial is often the culprit when you are experiencing problems with the television, as being outside can suffer damage from the weather. Some problems may be possible to fix on your own, but if you are in doubt, get a professional like this TV aerial repair Gloucester based company to come out and help you.

These are some of the problems that are commonly found when there is damage to the aerial…

Bad Picture – If the picture is not what it should be and the screen is grainy or pixelated, then you may well have a problem with the aerial connection itself. It could be something as simple as a cable that has accidentally been knocked, so check all of this before you call someone out as it could be a quick and easy fix. You could also try re-tuning the television to see if that helps.

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Poor Signal Quality – This is something that you might have seen before, and you might lose certain channels or get a message on the television saying no signal. In this case, the aerial might need to be moved, as it could be blocked by something, or it might be that the aerial is not high enough to be able to get an effective signal.

Double Images – If there is a faint second image on the screen that appears behind the first one, this is annoying and is known as ghosting. If the signal is going along two separate paths then this causes ghosting and it means that your aerial should be moved.

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