What is Locum Insurance?

Doctors are human beings, even though we can often forget that they have their own personal lives, and illness can strike them as much as anyone else. Unlike other businesses which can cope with staff members being off sick or who can rearrange workloads between existing staff members if they are off on paternity or maternity leave, doctors need to have their surgeries manned all the time. This is where Locum Insurance like that from MPRS can help you.

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Locum insurance essentially provides you with cover to help you pay for the costs of a locum doctor to come in and work in place of your regular GP or consultant. It can also help you to pay sick leave to your employees. Doctors and medical professionals come with high salaries so it is important that doctors and other medical businesses are able to carry on functioning effectively and can afford to pay for replacement cover.

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Although we have mentioned GPs above you can also get Locum Insurance that will cover any medical professional from doctors to dentists and opticians and also for vets. By working with a professional company like the one mentioned above you are able to find the type of insurance that will support your business and for the right amount of cover to allow you to get in the best support you might need in the absence of regular medical professionals.

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