The Past-time that’s good for your Mental Health and Wellbeing

Finding an enjoyable, relaxing, affordable, past-time that’s also good for your Mental Health and Wellbeing isn’t easy but Knitting has long since been endorsed by Doctors, Therapists and Psychiatrists as a way of positively affecting your mood.  If you have never tried Knitting before but you want to give it a go, then purchase an affordable Knitting Starter Kit from a reliable, professional company such as stitch and story knitting kits.  These bespoke kits contain everything you might need to begin your knitting journey, including a pair of high-quality needles, a simple, easy to follow pattern, a good selection of wool and a darning needle to sew up the finished item. Great for your mental wellbeing as well as the dexterity and manipulation of your hands and fingers, knitting is a therapeutic yet gentle exercise suitable for most people.

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Joining a local knitting Club close to your home, could be a great way of meeting like minded people, somewhere safe to go to practise your new skills as you enjoy the company of others.  Even if you are a seasoned Knitter with all the essential equipment you might need, purchasing an affordable, Knitting Starter Kit could enable you to help other family members and friends begin their love of knitting.

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Joining together, having fun and encouraging each other, what better way to improve on everyone’s Mental Health and Wellbeing, while making warm, practical, beautiful, woollen items.

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