Which Finger to Wear Proposal Ring? Right or Left

Which finger to wear proposal ring

Which finger to wear proposal ring? In the left hand. No! On the right. And what about the engagement ring? Does your husband also have to carry it in the same hand as you?

Which finger to wear proposal ring?

What a mess. It is something we think we know, by logic; However, for wearing your wedding ring, there are traditions for all tastes.

Today, I will tell you where to wear your wedding ring, according to tradition. Well, I will try to help you; because it depends on the country where you live.

Let’s go there!

Before answering this question, I have to tell you that the information I am going to give you is for the celebration of a Catholic wedding. Today, couples decide where they want to wear their wedding ring. However, there are deep-rooted traditions, which many couples still respect and apply.

It is even easy to see how couples who decide to celebrate their civil wedding, without a religious ceremony, adopt this tradition of the wedding ring.

In countries like the United States or Canada, tradition says that both the engagement ring and the wedding band are worn on the left hand, on the ring finger.

If you live in Mexico or Greece, for example, the opposite happens. You must wear the wedding ring on the ring finger of your right hand.

Wedding ring in the right hand

Wedding ring in the right hand

In general, tradition says you should wear the engagement ring on the ring finger of your right hand. And it is on the day of the wedding, when you put both commitment and alliance on the ring finger of the left hand.

Wedding rings in the left hand

However, if you live in Catalonia or Valencia, it is just the opposite. What a mess, right? Well, I think it’s a very simple thing to reveal. Follow the customs of your ancestors; Look at how your parents and in-laws take alliances.

Wedding rings in the left hand

Or, on the contrary, break with all traditions and let yourself be carried away by your instinct. I know many couples who don’t even wear a wedding ring, and they love each other as much or more than the first day.

Whatever your country of origin, or the hand in which you wear your wedding ring, what always matches is the finger on which you should put it.

Which finger?

It is always the ring finger; The most western explanation of why this finger comes from far behind. In Greek culture, they already spoke of the ring finger as the one suitable for wearing the wedding ring. And this was reinforced as time went by; because the Romans also defended this theory.

The latter, the Romans, defended the existence of a vein that connects the ring finger with the heart. They called her “love vein” or Vena Amoris. If we strictly obey this tradition, the most appropriate finger is from the left hand, for its proximity to the heart.

Not only in the West is this custom preserved. Also, in Chinese tradition, there is the talk of something similar.

For the inhabitants of the East, the fingers represent each of the parts of the family. Thus, the big toe is the parents; the index the brothers; the heart is oneself, the little ones are the children and the annulment of the couple. What a coincidence, right?

Look, a curiosity, did you know that there was a time of Christianity? In which the priest included a blessing in the wedding ceremony where the Father is the index finger. The Son is the heart and the Holy Spirit corresponds to the ring finger.

If you celebrate the wedding twice?

You may celebrate your civil wedding and, later, married for the Catholic Church. If both celebrations are very distant in time, some couples have doubts about where to wear their wedding ring. There is no tradition or norm.

Ring exchange

Ring exchange

You can carry the wedding ring in the provisional hand (depending on the country where you live, you know). Change it to the final hand once you celebrate both ceremonies.

Or, on the contrary, use both rings at the time of their exchange during the first celebration. Don’t put them definitively at the end of the second celebration. So, you should talk to your boy about this question if you have any doubts.

You already know that the wedding ring symbolizes eternal faithfulness, besides love and commitment. However, this was not always like that. In ancient Egypt, around 2,800 BC, they already used wedding bands when they celebrated marriages. But with a very different meaning to how we understand it now.

For them, for the Egyptians, the male finger represented the male phallus; and the ring represented the female sex. The representation of the sexual union between both spouses was manifested with wedding rings.

It was the Greeks who made popular the rite of the exchange of wedding rings during the celebration of the marriage. This ritual of the rings was accompanied by others that have not lasted so long in time.

With the arrival of the Roman Empire, this ritual of the exchange of the rings was further intensified. And in this fascinating culture, it was very common for everyone to wear rings that they used as stamps to sign any document.

At the time of a wedding, at the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom exchanged their rings symbolizing. Both spouses to share the sharing of all their assets.

It was not until the ninth century when the Catholic Church accepted the use of wedding rings in bridal ceremonies. Pope Nicholas I. This Pontiff imposed this novelty decreed a law in which he stated that the act of delivering the alliance to the bride during the wedding celebration is a real statement of the intention to marry.

In this way, wedding rings became the material proof of marriage before God.

When to wear metal rings?

It seems logical that the wedding rings are of some noble metal. We already saw in this article how many types of rings you can find when choosing them for your marriage.

In the times before the Roman Empire, the wedding rings were made of leather or cloth. They were renewed every year during the celebration of a ceremony. But when the Romans came to power, the alliances became metal.

Fabric wedding ring

When Christianity arrived, it imposed gold as the only possible metal in a wedding ring. It was not on a whim without a doubt. It is one of the most expensive metals. They decided to impose gold alliances to prevent the marriage from being a capricious and temporary decision.

And you know that each person is a world and we have a thousand different tastes. That is why, as I always tell you, feel comfortable and comfortable with yourself. Wear your wedding ring where your body asks. Some girlfriends carry it on his chest, like a medal; even closer to your heart.

Finally, I want to tell you a curiosity that I enjoyed knowing when they told me. Do you know why wedding rings are traditionally round?

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